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'48-hour' Viagra rival, Levitra, By Heather Tomlinson 23rd September 2003.

This article looks at how Levitra and how it has captured 12% of the market share in the USA for prescribed medication for erectile dysfunction, since it was only launched in September 2003. The main conclusion of the article states that it increasing market share all the time and like to be big rival to Viagra sales in 2004. It main selling point is that cures ED with 48 hours of ingestion of the tablet. In the UK, has 14% market share already in treatments for ED.

Article taken from Pharmaceuticals on 28th April 2003

Viagra's Competition Heats Up

Two studies were presented on Levitra. One showed that patients were three times more satisfied with the hardness of their erections when they used Levitra, as compared to a sugar pill. That satisfaction rate held up for the two higher doses of the Levitra. Another study, presented Friday, showed that the drug can start working in as little as 15 minutes for some patients, as compared to 30 minutes to an hour for Viagra. "There's definitely increased sexual satisfaction on the part of the male and extra firmness," says Dr. Myron Murdock, medical director of the Web site and who has been involved in trials of Levitra in the past. That plays into Bayer and Glaxo's expected advertising message on Levitra, which they say is faster-acting and, well, hotter than the competition. The drug's branding includes an orange flame. The companies even went so far as to send scented candles to health care journalists along with their embargoed press releases. Levitra may also work in harder-to-treat cases, such as men with diabetes, and it may work well after eating.


Good news for all those whom Viagra DISAPPOINTED!

According to a study - Bayer AG and GlaxoSmithKline Plc's rival drug Levitra helped nearly half of men who did not respond to Viagra achieve successful sexual intercourse. The study was conducted on 463 patients of which 46.1 percent of men who had failed at least four of the last six attempts at successful intercourse while on Viagra were successful when given Levitra. Levitra, however, is faster-acting, reaching maximum concentration in 30 to 40 minutes, with the effects lasting about 16 hours.
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