Breast reconstruction

Reconstruction of the mammary gland is its restoration to its anatomical shape after an illness. Now the so-called one-stage reconstruction and is gaining popularity, when doctors first perform a mastectomy and immediately install implants if possible.

However, tissue after removal is not always enough for various reasons. In these cases, the restoration operation is postponed: first, a temporary one is placed in place of the future permanent implant – it stretches the skin.

In some cases, the patient may be offered to restore lost volumes with the help of her own fat. These are also difficult operations: sometimes it is possible to restore the breast with a flap, and in some cases with lipofilling. It all depends on the required volume and other indications.

Complications of Breast Reconstruction

After any intervention in the body, complications can occur, and breast reconstruction is no exception. You need to be ready for them. Discuss possible complications with your doctor.

  • death of tissues (necrosis), which restored the breast;
  • infection and inflammation of the wound;
  • loss of sensation in the breast and nipple;
  • weakness of the chest muscles;
  • a change in sensations in the arm from the side of the mammary gland on which the operation was performed;
  • mobility, leakage, rupture of the implant;
  • unevenness on the chest;
  • the need for additional operations.