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Uprima, a revolutionary male impotence drug, is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Viagra, originally developed to treat angina sufferers and Uprima to treat Parkinson's disease, both were later discovered to help the cause of erectile dysfunction. Uprima works by stimulating dopamine receptors in the brain, a different chemistry than Viagra. Thus, Uprima has certain advantages over Viagra. The advantage of Uprima sublingual administration is that food and alcohol do not affect its absorption. Also, the big selling point of apomorphine is "the spontaneity factor" which makes intimate moments more natural. Uprima, when administered sublingually, acts within 20 min compared with the one-hour wait for sildenafil. Uprima is also safe for patients with stable angina controlled by nitrates. Uprima received approval after more than 60 studies were carried out among 4,000 people to test Uprima' safety and effectiveness, including a final Phase III trial on more than 1,000 men. Clinical trials showed that Uprima, when tested on 700 men, produced improvement in erections of at least 88% of the participants.
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