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Causes of Hair Loss

The many causes of hair loss are finally beginning to be understood with hair loss a natural daily phenomenon. But this shedding of hair cannot be the main cause of hair loss. Every strand of hair on a human head is genetically programmed to a cycle that includes growth, stabilization, aging and shedding. On the average, a human head sheds about 50 - 125 (depending on sex). However, the really trouble begins when the loss exceeds re-growth, or the re-growth is weak and unhealthy. These are the main causes of hair loss are: -Stress, Trauma, Diet.

" During the fetus formation stage, some hair genes make hair follicles susceptible to a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, referred to as simply DHT. When this link is established, the follicle starts to shrink, sprouting thinner and weaker hair at every cycle. Eventually, the follicle or root dies and baldness is complete."

" In a vast majority of cases, hair loss is hereditary, passed down the genes from either side of parentage. Some studies indicate that baldness from the maternal side has a greater chance of it being passed along. "

Stress, Trauma, Diet are other causes of hair loss which could require surgery. Also medication, high level of work or family related stress and diet or nutrition changes all these can contribute to hair loss. These causes of hair loss are generally short lived and hair growth is restored once the situation normalises.

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