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What is Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction?

In 1992, the National Institutes of Health defined erectile dysfunction or impotence as the inability to attain or sustain an erection adequate for satisfactory sexual intercourse. In short, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the persistent or repeated inability for at least 3 months to attain, and/or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance.

What causes Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction?

Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction was once thought to be a psychological condition. In most cases or erectile dysfunction though it is now known to have a physical cause, such as a disease, an injury or a side effect from a prescription drug. For example, certain medications are known to interfere with the nerve signals that cause an erection. Heart disease, hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels and interfere with blood flow to the penis. In fact, smoking is a major risk factor for these conditions as well as a major risk factor for erectile dusfunction. Diabetes can damage nerves and interfere with erection. Men who are treated for prostate cancer sometimes develop erectile dysfunction as a result of their treatment. Other possible physical causes include alcoholism, liver failure, hormonal abnormalities such as low testosterone and neurological disorders. In just about all cases of erectile dysfunction, even when there is also a definite physical cause, there is a psychological component. Men typically feel anxiety, guilt or depression, which then makes the problem worse.

Why Erectile Dysfunction is important

Erectile dysfunction can effect a man at any age, at any time of life, young or old. Erectile dysfunction has and can effect men in heterosexual relationships, men in homosexual relationships and single men.

The possibility of erectile dysfunction increases as men get older. The older adult male often suffers from erectile dysfunction for many reasons. Chronic medical illnesses are more common as men age. As men age they need greater genital stimulation to achieve adequate erection. This may come as a surprise for many couples, who might attribute these symptoms to other factors such as loss of sexual attraction or sexual disinterest.

For men, being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction can typically make a man feeling anxiety, guilty or depressed at themselves. It has known occasionally that men have committed suicide after being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

Can Erectile Dysfunction be prevented?

The main prevention of Erectile Dysfunction is life style habitats which cause erectile dysfunction to happen. This includes too much smoking and drinking can lead to occurrence of erectile dysfubction. However, the other causes of erectile dysfunction may not be preventable and caused by generic and psychological factors.

Main treatments of and for Erectile Dysfunction

How erectile dysfunction is treated depends on what things are causing it. After your doctor checks you for medical problems and medicines that might cause erectile dysfunction, he or she may have you try a medicine to help with erectile dysfunction. Some of these medicines are injected into your penis. Other medicines are taken by mouth. Not everyone can use these medicines. Your doctor will help you decide if you can try them. The most common drugs that are available for people with impotence or erectile dysfunction are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

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